Dime Bags to Suit a Lifestyle

What people carry in their bags, backpacks, clutches, and wallets on a daily basis is their business. Regular bags and backpacks have several pockets, zippers, and typically on main large compartment. They will keep items from falling out of the backpack, but will not contain secret pockets, odor-proof pouches, and entire bags with a carbon lining to prevent smells from emanating from the bag. One manufacturer creates hemp and recycled polyester bags to suit a lifestyle that requires security and privacy at all times.

Dime bags carries a wide variety of bags, totes, travelers, padded pouches, purses, wallets, and backpacks that ensure no one will become suspicious regarding what is in the bag. Locking zippers, reinforced pouches, and an entire line, called Omerta, protects owners from routine searches, drug sniffing dogs, and sudden security checks at the mall, office building, or airport. These bags are sturdy, environmentally friendly, and built to last. The traveler bags with carbon linings, for example, last for years, as does the lining. Simply refresh the carbon by placing the bag in the dryer on low heat for ten minutes. It is completed restored to new condition.

Originally made of one-hundred percent organic hemp, bags were sustainable, but did not last a very long time. The recycled polyester adds stability, durability, and provides the opportunity for a great array of colors. Magenta, silver, red, gray, forest, and midnight as just some of the color choices that resist fading. Shoulder bags, Club Kid bags, and even skater backpacks are designed to stay put, hide things, and even have secret trays for rolling product. They are sold online and at selected retailers. The website includes a local distributor locator function to direct people to buy local when they can.

Protecting the planet, providing security, and ensuring privacy are major goals of the company. They are designed to suit a particular lifestyle, but are useful to anyone. The pricing is low, the quality is high, and the bags are meant to reflect personality and preferences. The styling, attention to detail, and durable construction will make these bags favorites among all customers. Browse the website, read reviews, and compare them to average bags.